Saturday, 7 April 2012

New Pants

After many years of deliberation, I've begun selling clothes. Prototypes for a line of men's clothes (and soon to come, women's clothes!) are finally available. They're hand made by me, custom fit to your bum!

Here's a look at the men's pants, with funky rivets and folded-down sailor style pockets. Thanks to Buckman Coe for being my first client.

Look how handsome he looks in his funky new pants...


  1. Looks interesting, as someone who is on the heavier side I find it difficult to find pants that actually fit. Havin them custom made might be a good alternative, and those look beautiful! what would be the price of such pants?

    1. The first custom pair of pants usually come to $200-$250. This depends on detailing and the amount of time it takes to adjust the pattern to find your size. So long as you bring me a pair of pants that fits you well, I should be able to find a good fit right away.

      Once I have a custom pattern made for you, then the pants get significantly cheaper to make as I don't have to do any measuring or fiddling with sizes.

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